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The Story of How We Met

I bought the bike on a recommendation.

The first time I road a bike was in a field behind my friends house in Lake Chelan, I was 14 and the bike was a dirt bike, I rode for two hours. The second time, was on the bike I have now.

I found the bike on Craigslist on a posting in Centralia. After talking with my roommate and showing him the bike, we decided to drive down and check it out. Living in the middle of a city makes it difficult to own a car, and difficult to get out of the city.

The feeling of being out on the road and going new places is something that can only be understood first hand, and I have missed that feeling.

After calling the poster I had directions that I wrote in pencil on the back of an envelope that was on our kitchen table, while we chatted about the how the bike ran.

My thought going into getting my first bike was something with a good frame and good guts.

We got to Centralia and she checked out. Mike rode her back from Centralia. I still hadn’t ridden a bike in over 10 years, but at least I found a good starting point. I sat in the house for a day looking at the bike. The next two days I turned it on when I got home after work and sat on it. And after waiting for three days I walked outside, said fuck it, and started her up. My roommate told me the basics and I rode around the block.

I’m now more comfortable riding. Last week I rode and didn’t stall. I’m learning where the clutch engages. I guess its just spending time talking with her, figuring out what she likes, it takes time.

The purpose of this space and what inspired me was to add my voice to the conversation that has been going on for a long time, to learn about bikes, and contribute to a community that I am slowly being introduced to.

And the nice thing about starting out like this is that its all practice.