Work In Progress

Update on progress:

  • Exhaust Wrapped (Done)
  • Speedo Replacement (Pending)
  • Sand bars to fix electric start (Done)

Learning Electrical Lessons

  • Although it may take more time, do the extra work, it will save you time.
  • Doing wheelies is fun, doing wheelies in a yard full of dog shit – not as fun.
  • Talk it through. Doesn’t matter how many times its been done before, sometimes it helps to talk out the problem with someone, or your drink.

Words in Sentences: (If your idea of reading is a twitter feed, stop now)

Since I bought my bike several months ago and from the looks of it probably before then, there have been lingering electrical issues that were an annoyance which then progressed into an issue that required full investigation. Looking at the bike, getting to know the different issues and quirks is one part of the joys of this process and looking at whatever turkey worked on the electrical before is one of the mysteries of life I don’t understand.

The bike ran great when I got it, except for the turn signals not working everything was fine. When you looked under the seat or opened the headlight it was a miracle the bike ran considering the spaghetti dish of wires and the inexplicable reasoning behind how the wires were connected (three splices in a run of wire??). But as I am sure some, if not most of you, have learned from working with old machines, once you start changing things, you have officially kicked over the first domino. My first kick was replacing the bars.

The bars that came on the bike were okay; flat and uncomfortable, I wanted to get started on something and an ‘easy’ place to start was replacing the bars. This caused the electric start to not work and I found that I needed to sand down the bars so the ignition switch could ground. Done.

Next up was getting the headlight to work, which somehow had stopped working after I took it to someone to have them look at the headlight. Irony.

We went to a friends house, our go to for electrical problems, and after a few hours of messing around with the blinkers, which had started to randomly and uncontrollably blink, and the non working headlight, we decided to redo all the wiring for the bike.

We had arrived at his house at 930 and it was already 9. Mike’s bike was fixed and ready to go and we now were about to redo all the work we had been been doing on my bike.

At 1230 the bike was done.


Somethine went wrong with the recharge system and we have to rewire the bike tomorrow, but we are closer to where we were before. Instead of digging through problems and not knowing where to start, we have a clean setup that allows us to identify the problem better. We’ll see what happens.

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